Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge: August

It's that time again...a challenge for Mixed Media Monthly! I had a project in mind for last month, but was not able to complete it. Dad was in the hospital for nearly two weeks and we spent a lot of time helping him and mom during that time. Thankfully, he is back home now and working on getting stronger each day (yay!). 

The day after we took him home, it was back to teaching. After our first full week, I was in desperate need of some time in the art room. I've spent the afternoon doodling around on various projects and finally completed a small one that I am entering in the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge for August. The inspiration for this month is the photo below. I imagined sitting on the other side of those windows and doing a bit of journaling. While there, maybe even taking a peek at a beautiful view and the possibility of seeing a few butterflies flitting about the flowers outside the window. It inspired me to create an altered composition notebook.


This was a fun project that didn't require a lot of time, unless you count issues with decision making. It took me awhile to decide upon papers and what layout I wanted to use. There's so many cute options!  It is also a project that is very inexpensive. The composition notebook was about fifty cents at Walmart and the papers used to create it were just a few dollars (half price at Hobby Lobby). 

I started with a plain composition notebook. Using selected papers, ribbon and stickers, I attached my layout using a permanent bond glue runner. That's all there is to it! I played around with adding additional items, like embellishments, but decided I liked the simple version of it the best. While we were at the store last night, I picked up several more composition notebooks (for a quarter!) and plan on creating a few to use as gifts. I even thought it would be cool to leave some around my school with inspirational quotes inside...similar to the Kindness Rocks project, but a journal instead. 

Bargain notebook with not so cute cover. ;P

Completed cover...much cuter now, right?! Wishing I would have added a black background
border under the butterfly card....oh well! 

Inside of front cover
Inside of back cover

Back cover

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope your day is filled with joy and blessings. :)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Works in Progress

It feels good to be back in the art space tonight. This summer has been especially difficult for our family and I've spent less and less time creating in the last month.  I'm hoping that things are looking up for a bit and I can get back to a more normal routine that includes more art time.  I've really missed having my hands in some paint!

The pieces below are ones that were started early July and haven't been worked on since.  I'm loving the direction each painting is headed and am excited at the possibility of art time this weekend.

The butterfly canvas has many layers and has looked differently through its various stages. This one would have been fun to photograph and look at each layer. I'm looking forward to adding more details and finishing it up soon.

Butterly on 12 x 12 canvas 
Using a block of wood, I made a smaller version of my flowers on canvas that was given to my parents. I absolutely love the many layers of this, one which includes beeswax! The entire background went from an antique-ish brown layer with beeswax to the bright field of flowers below. It really amazes me at the changes a project can take from start to finish. I never know what will happen until I decide, "It's done!" A few smaller flowers and this one will be complete.

Field of flowers on 7 x7 wood block
Originally, the painting below was a mix of outlined flowers. Somehow it morphed into an elephant set against the evening sun. There's quite a bit left to finish on this painting, but I like where it is going and am excited to work on it again soon.

Elephant on 12 x 12 canvas
Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in some of the monthly challenges for July, but am super excited to create something for August. Looking forward to sharing those soon! I'm also looking forward to getting back and seeing what all of you have been creating in the last few weeks!