Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Art Class

For the last year, my friend and I have discussed taking a local art class.  This summer we actually made it to THREE classes at My Heart's Fancy.  We had so much fun and learned many different techniques. The first class was called "Master Page Creation" and was part one of a two part session. In this session we doodled, stamped, stenciled, and overall just had a great time creating our pages. We created several layers until our master page was completed...amazingly this page was worked on for about three hours. Did I mention how much fun we were having??

The next step, prior to meeting again, involved making color copies of our pages. Besides making copies for ourselves, we made extras to share with those in class. This way each of us could have many designs to create additional items. 

Cards, tags, bookmarks....oh my! ;P
During the second session of the class (a few days later), we utilized the color copies to make cards, tags, bookmarks, etc. The possibilities of creating things is endless! My tags are a bit messy and unfinished, but they were extra paint blobs and doodles. Eventually I will go back and finish them along with the tag holder. I would like to add some stitching to the holder along with ribbon and a button for closure. Photographs coming soon!

The final class we took was learning about Distress Oxide Inks. I have to say...those are pretty COOL! We went through multiple methods quickly and I didn't quite finish most of the projects. Those will come soon in another post.

Overall, I really loved being part of a class in person. I've always taken online courses and worked on art in my very spare time. It was a joy to create with others. I would love to continue taking a class here and there as time allows. If you are in the area, definitely check out My Heart's Fancy for amazing classes.