Friday, April 28, 2017

Works in Progress

Several projects are in the works and none are quite complete. (I'm excellent at starting projects and taking awhile to finish them! lol.)

There are a few that are in that "ugly" stage and one or two that are looking great! I thought I would share my paintings/projects in progress and later update each one as it is completed.

The first photograph shows current projects. I am working on a large painting that has undergone many transformations. (Why didn't I photograph the transformation???!)  So far, I really like the direction it has taken in this stage. There are three projects on cold press paper using paints, NeoColor II water crayons, collage, and modeling paste. Two out of the three are birds. I'm not sure where I'm going with those two, but both are experiments using a few new materials, one being modeling paste. The box to the right of the photo is a memory/collectibles box. I've created a box  before using an old cigar box, the box below was purchased at a local craft store. I am super excited to work on it TODAY (a very rare day off)!

Projects in the Works: Large Painting in background, three smaller works on  cold press paper,
one collectibles/memories box for an April Challenge.

Close up of large painting.

Hope you each have an opportunity to create this weekend!


  1. Love your artwork So bright and colourful. A joy to the eye.

  2. Gorgeous wip!! Love the vibrant colours and your blog banner is beautiful too!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Gorgeous cheerful colors in your WIP. Happy PPF

  4. Love the WIP. It is bright and bold and for me relates to happy art.

  5. Interesting work. So many lovely colors and shapes.

  6. This is beautiful. Feels like a mix of dandelions gone to seed, lollipops and circus wheels.

  7. Such fun colors! :) Can't wait to see it done.