Friday, November 25, 2016

My Creative Portfolio

Over the last couple days, I've been playing with Adobe Creative Cloud. I created an account on Behance, edited photos using Light Room, and published my own creative portfolio. It was SO MUCH FUN! I learned many things just by clicking around here and there. The platform is definitely user friendly.

I ended up purchasing an early Christmas present for myself (or as my husband says a birthday present for him) and subscribing to an annual membership for the Creative Cloud. The membership was $9.99 a month and includes the online portfolio website, Light Room, and Photoshop (which I've been wanting to learn for the last two years). There are many other packages and pricing options, as well as a trial membership. All the details can be found on the Creative Cloud site. 

I'm so excited about sharing my portfolio, which currently has three pieces of artwork (pictured below). I'm still playing around with various formats, so it might end of changing, but for now you can view it by clicking the link, "my portfolio." I'd love to hear your comments and feedback!

This piece was one of three that I made into a set of cards. 

This one was created and gifted to my mom. 

This is a close up of a larger piece that was framed and given to my sister for her birthday.

The final work was mounted in a beautiful aqua frame (not pictured). 
While I've had fun playing with all of this tonight, it's getting late! Tomorrow I'm meeting my sister to have some fun at Paint Your Art Out. I'm looking forward to sharing that soon.

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