Saturday, November 19, 2016

Art Everyday Challenge

Art everyday? YES, PLEASE! While recently reading Kristin Dudish's blog, I discovered an awesome daily challenge. It's called the Art Every Day Month Challenge. There are a couple of things I really love about this challenge: you can start any time and art can be anything creative!

Most days, no matter how much I would like to create, I come home from work completely worn out. (Sound familiar?!) It's tough to squeeze in something for ourselves each day. While I started this challenge earlier this week, I managed to add a touch of creativity into a few days. It hasn't been every day, but it's a start!

While out enjoying a walk, I saw a beautiful vine of the brightest purple flowers on a neighbor's porch. I captured their beauty with my cell phone and continued the walk. The following day, I used that picture and played around with the Aviary app. This time I was biking on our stationary bike. Both days were a little like a creativity/exercise mash up! Normally, I would have walked/biked and not incorporated photos or simple editing into the mix, but it worked and I enjoyed it. These are very small additions of creativity into my days, but baby steps are the way to go. No stress, just fun. 

Aren't these flowers beautiful? 
I encourage you check out the Art Every Day Month Challenge. Find ways to sneak art/creativity into your life. 

In addition, I've been working on the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge. I hope you will stop back by in a day or so to check out the finished project! 

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