Friday, November 25, 2016

My Creative Portfolio

Over the last couple days, I've been playing with Adobe Creative Cloud. I created an account on Behance, edited photos using Light Room, and published my own creative portfolio. It was SO MUCH FUN! I learned many things just by clicking around here and there. The platform is definitely user friendly.

I ended up purchasing an early Christmas present for myself (or as my husband says a birthday present for him) and subscribing to an annual membership for the Creative Cloud. The membership was $9.99 a month and includes the online portfolio website, Light Room, and Photoshop (which I've been wanting to learn for the last two years). There are many other packages and pricing options, as well as a trial membership. All the details can be found on the Creative Cloud site. 

I'm so excited about sharing my portfolio, which currently has three pieces of artwork (pictured below). I'm still playing around with various formats, so it might end of changing, but for now you can view it by clicking the link, "my portfolio." I'd love to hear your comments and feedback!

This piece was one of three that I made into a set of cards. 

This one was created and gifted to my mom. 

This is a close up of a larger piece that was framed and given to my sister for her birthday.

The final work was mounted in a beautiful aqua frame (not pictured). 
While I've had fun playing with all of this tonight, it's getting late! Tomorrow I'm meeting my sister to have some fun at Paint Your Art Out. I'm looking forward to sharing that soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge: November

I love this month's challenge! It's all about COLOR, specifically the colors below:

As always, I didn't really know where I would go with this challenge, but I finally decided upon an abstract piece of work. 

( these!)

Using a sheet of 140lb (cold press) watercolor paper and a brayer, I created my first layer with a wash of Payne's Gray Golden acrylic.  I was so excited to start this project that I didn't get a photo of this step! While it was drying, I cut out several pieces of paper to use for collage.

Laying out the collage papers...they aren't glued down just yet. 
I rearranged the pieces to determine my favorite layout. Then I used Liquitex Gel Medium to adhere each piece to the background.

After everything was dry, I added color with Neocolor II watercolor crayons, acrylic paints, and Silks acrylic glaze. As you can see, I got quite carried away with color! I started with the original colors from the inspiration board, but then kept adding and changing each layer. It's true, I confess, I am a color addict. 
Are you wondering what happened between the original and the current photo?
Did I mention that I got a little carried away with color?

At first, I was thinking, "DISASTER!" Then I remembered that art is a journey and a learning experience. There are no mistakes, right?! (play, play, play!)  I continued to add and and take away colors.  In the end, when I was happy with where it had gone, I added details with Sharpie and Posca pens. 

The final project will be displayed in a cute case I found at a local store.

I've been using my iPhone to take all the photos I post on the blog, but recently have been thinking about using my Cannon Rebel for higher quality photos. I'm learning some new settings and hope to start using it soon!

A better view of the has a glass cover that folds over the top.
I hope each of you have a blessed week and time each day for something creative in your life.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Art Everyday Challenge

Art everyday? YES, PLEASE! While recently reading Kristin Dudish's blog, I discovered an awesome daily challenge. It's called the Art Every Day Month Challenge. There are a couple of things I really love about this challenge: you can start any time and art can be anything creative!

Most days, no matter how much I would like to create, I come home from work completely worn out. (Sound familiar?!) It's tough to squeeze in something for ourselves each day. While I started this challenge earlier this week, I managed to add a touch of creativity into a few days. It hasn't been every day, but it's a start!

While out enjoying a walk, I saw a beautiful vine of the brightest purple flowers on a neighbor's porch. I captured their beauty with my cell phone and continued the walk. The following day, I used that picture and played around with the Aviary app. This time I was biking on our stationary bike. Both days were a little like a creativity/exercise mash up! Normally, I would have walked/biked and not incorporated photos or simple editing into the mix, but it worked and I enjoyed it. These are very small additions of creativity into my days, but baby steps are the way to go. No stress, just fun. 

Aren't these flowers beautiful? 
I encourage you check out the Art Every Day Month Challenge. Find ways to sneak art/creativity into your life. 

In addition, I've been working on the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge. I hope you will stop back by in a day or so to check out the finished project! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Flow: Mindfulness Workbook

While looking through books and magazines at the store yesterday, I came across one I hadn't seen before, Flow: Mindfulness Workbook. After flipping through the pages, I noticed it's a cross between a magazine and an activity book. I was interested in the articles, but also liked the activities and fun things (bookmarks, sticky notes, stickers, journal) that came along with the book. So, on a whim, I bought it!

After a crazy Monday, I'd like to feel as Zen as the lady on the cover looks!

The opening page of the book includes a book mark and sticky notes. 

As shown above, the book is divided into six sections. Each section includes articles and accompanying activities to complete.

Part One:
Thoughts: Why Do We Take Ourselves So Seriously?

Part Two:
Time: Why Do We Always Feel Hurried? (Personally, I can't wait to get to this section!)

Part Three:
Being Kinder: Why Can't We Be a Little Kinder to Ourselves?
(This section includes an interview with Brene Brown.)

Part Four:
New Things: Why Do We Find New Things So Scary?

Part Five:
Happiness: Why Must We Always Be Happy?

Part Six:
Being: Why Are We Always Busy 'Doing'? Can't We Just BE? (Yes, Yes, and YES! Time to slow down some, right?)

Inside part five: Happiness, there are just over fifty keepsake cards for recording memorable moments.
There are just over fifty of these cute keepsake cards. 

Sunday afternoon I spent a few minutes reading through the introduction and part one. As a result, I did try to practice a bit from the "Meditating for Beginners" section. I went outside and sat for a few minutes, just being there, breathing in the autumn air and enjoying the blooming mums. It was wonderful!

I'm looking forward to exploring the remainder of the book and the activities within its pages. I have enjoyed it thus far and recommend it to anyone looking for something on this topic that also includes activities.

The workbook includes a small journal and poster in the back pocket.