Monday, October 31, 2016

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge: In a Dark, Dark Forest

It was a perfect day for working in my art space. For the month of October, we've still had quite a lot of warmth and humidity, so when I woke up this morning and it was cool and overcast, it put me in a wonderful, creative mood. Since I had recently found the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge, I decided that even though the month is nearly over, that I still had two days!  I've participated in a few challenges in the past, but I really like the idea of a monthly challenge.

Using this month's mood board, I decided upon a color scheme, which ended up changing a bit while adding various layers. Since this month's sponsor was Stampotique Originals, I browsed online at their store. Originally, I wasn't sure what I wanted to create, but when I saw their stamps, I wanted to use one for my project this month. After deciding upon a few (there are so many cute stamps!) I made my purchase! While a late-comer to this challenge, the stamps were not going to make it on time. I made a copy of one I have purchased and used it in my project.

While making this project, layers with paint were added along with molding paste and torn papers. I also used a variety of other materials that include:

Wood square
Golden paint
NeoColor II watercolor crayons
Martha Stewart craft paper
Scotch washi tape
White and clear gesso
Stampotique Originals stamp (copy)
Bubble stencil
Posca Pens (love, love, love!)
Mark making tools (old gift cards, ends of paint brushes, etc)

In a Dark, Dark Forest

I have plans for creating another project when the stamps arrive...stay tuned for more!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Current Art Projects and New Supplies!

My goal the last couple weekends has been to spend time creating with lessons from Life Book 2016. For the last month, I've been working on the lesson called Roots and Ground, Wings and Earth taught by Tamara Laporte. I have enjoyed every second of this lesson! Due to lack of time it has taken me quite awhile to complete it, but I think it's finally done.

I was able to use some of my favorite materials which include NeoColor II watercolor crayons and Posca Pens. If you haven't tried either of these materials, they are well worth the investment. Posca Pens are a little hard to come by, but can be ordered on Amazon. I have two sets, one which I recently ordered that are extra fine tip and another that are medium tip. Both sets are amazing and have incredible ink flow. 

While I was browsing for new supplies, I was hoping to find a white gel pen that would write over watercolors/acrylics/etc. and actually work. I've tried multiple pens without success until I came across the Uniball Signo. Wow. Very nice pen with fluid ink that nicely works over a variety of surfaces (at least the few I've tried so far). I ordered a pack of three with a variety of colors (white, gold, silver). Amazon has many different options for whatever you might prefer. 

After finishing the above lesson, I started the sketching portion of another lesson by Tamara. After much erasing, editing, re-sketching, I think I am ready to add some paint. I'm taking a few pictures of the work as it comes along from the beginning to the finished product. 

I hope each of you have an opportunity to do something creative everyday....even if it's only a few minutes.