Saturday, September 17, 2016

Life, Life, Life!

Life, life, life....positive and challenging things have taken place over the past several months, and I'm just now getting back around to my blog. I've missed it!

For some time now, my mom has been in a lot of pain with her back, knee, and leg. After x-rays and MRI's, the doctors finally discovered that her hip was in terrible shape. Her doctor said it was one of the worst hips he had ever seen. Wow. In March, she had a total hip replacement. While mom's pain is significantly better, the road to recovery has been a long one. She is doing great, but recovery continues for at least a year while she learns new ways to bend, move, and get around places. I'm thankful for her doctor, who was awesome, and the fact that she isn't hurting so much every day.

Shortly after spending a week at my parents' house, helping with my mom's recovery, Roger's dad became very ill. Over a two week time period his health continued to deteriorate, until he passed away in April. He was 82 years young and a seriously funny fellow in his younger days. We think of him often and are thankful for the good memories that we share of his healthier days.

May brought the end of the school year at my new school. While I truly enjoyed it, I really missed my old school, Washington Irving. Change is hard, but can also be good. It was nice to have a break and have a few summer adventures.

Once school was out, we made our annual trip to Bolder Boulder with the Emerson family. As always that was a lot of fun!!! This year we ran the 10K not just once....but TWICE! The first time through was to see how fast we could run it. The second time through was all about doing the fun stuff....slip and slide (which I am evidently terrible at doing), hanging with Elvis, photo bombing local celebrities, and holding a SNAKE. (yes, a real, live, giant anaconda). This trip is one of my favorite "welcome summer" get-aways!

Rog and I before the run.
While we didn't take any pictures on our first trip through, we took a TON on the second time around. It was difficult deciding which ones to share. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Local celeb, Ryan Van Duzer, thought Roger wanted a pic of him. Little did he know...

I was busy photo-bombing his pic! LOL.

Roger with the giant of the few pictures I got of him along the way! He was all about encouraging me to do the crazy things. Although he was quite good at the slip and slide. (I wasn't fast enough to get a good pic of that.)
More photo-bombing...this time with a group of firefighters.

The craziest one of with an anaconda wrapped around my neck. As you know from previous posts,
I'm not afraid of snakes. 

All of us after the run and the show...I think we may have been the last ones there!

In a nutshell, June and July brought time with our families, much needed de-cluttering projects, painting projects, organizing and updating my art space, and so much more that did not get quite finished. The days seemed to fly by and before we knew it August had arrived with the return to school.

While summer was wonderful, I am very much looking forward to cooler air. Autumn is my most loved season and I can't wait to get out and enjoy it!

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