Saturday, February 27, 2016

Art Progress

How long does it take to complete one Life Book lesson? Apparently for me it takes nearly a month! I started the first LB lesson about three weeks ago and I am still working on it. Part of the problem is finding time to actually sit down and focus on the creative process. I feel like it takes me a good hour before I'm "in the creative groove." By that time something always comes up and I'm de-railed from any further work. I haven't solved the problem where to squeeze in more art time. I've heard others who have creative time before or after work, but I lack the energy to do this. (Maybe I should learn to love coffee??) I'm hoping I can start to put aside more time on Sunday afternoons. Personally, I vote for three day weekends for everyone! How do you find creative time?

Below are two of the LB lessons that were taught by Tamara Laporte in January. The Zentangle butterfly lesson titled "This Year I'm Letting Go of..." and the "Happy Traveler" lesson are pictured below. While the butterfly is complete (yay!!!) I'm still working on my traveler and will post final pictures when I have completed her. The third lesson is one I started last week, "Finding Centre with Madalas," taught by Faith Evans-Sills. I had time to add the first layer of mostly paper, but not much else. I'll take some pictures of the progress on that one and share them in my next post. I've watched ahead on her video and am loving the process she has used so far. It will be my first time creating something with spray paints!!

Top pic: Zentangle Butterfly, LL: Happy Traveler, LR: Collage for Mandalas project
I created the above collage using the Live Collage app. There are quite a few options for photo arrangement as well as some fun fonts! I'll definitely be playing more with that as I add future pictures. 

Have a creative weekend! :)

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