Monday, October 27, 2014

Tulsa Run

We signed up to participate in the 15K at Tulsa Run months ago. I can't believe it is already here. My training has been a lot of ups and down over the last month or so. Some weeks I was able to get in speed work and tempos and other weeks it just didn't happen. It is always a challenge to train in the heat, which never truly seems to let go until November.  I recently saw on the news that this October is one of the top 10 hottest on record for the state....we are still having temps near the 90's in October!  (Thankfully a cool front rolled in late today!!)

Saturday morning we left early 5:45 a.m., heading to Tulsa.  Several car loads full of friends traveled along with us.  A group of guys, including Roger, signed up to participate in the Masters Championship. They were speedy enough to take second place and win $50 each! Congrats guys!

Jason B., Roger, and Jason H. take second place at the 15K Championships at Tulsa Run.

The course is usually hilly, but this year it was extremely hilly! After we had signed up, they changed the course due to road construction. I'm pretty sure it was 85-90% hills. I felt like the entire run was uphill with a few downhills. It was definitely the toughest Tulsa Run that I've ever ran! Not only was the course tough, the weather was very warm. I was proud of finishing with a 1:15:27, which averages out to about 8:09 pace. Not a PR run for me, but a good confidence builder! (Secretly, I was feeling rather tough after running all those hills!)

After the run, the large group of us went to eat at Blue Moon Cafe. It was a great time to visit and enjoy some tasty food after a long run. If you are ever in the Tulsa area, I would recommend it!

Thinking about running Tulsa Run in the future? Find course details and more at the Tulsa Sports website.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Update and Return to Blog! took me a long time to get back into writing and posting on the blog.  The summer was enjoyable but very busy and the start to the school year, well, it's been a challenge as always. I've pretty much put everything creative on hold as other things were more important. I feel like it is time to get back into doing some of the things I love, so I'm putting my words into action with my first post in a very long time.

Much has happened since my last post...even prior to that post, so I've chosen a few of the highlights, some of my favorite things, amongst the last several months to share.

In June, we traveled to Sequim, WA (xoxoxo) and decided we were close enough to Seattle to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Well, it actually wasn't that close, as we had to get up at 3:00 AM...(YES 3:00 AM!!) and drive to Seattle. Even with the long drive and challenging course, we had a blast! It was the first time that we signed up for the VIP tent and it was definitely worth it. We met fellow runners while there and enjoyed hanging out before and after the run. The day was absolutely beautiful!

                                                 Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon, June 2014

Rog and I hanging out after the run...

After the run, we enjoyed many things in Sequim. There's so much to do! We visited two different Lavender farms (Purple Haze and Victor's Lavender Farm), ran along a trail to Port Angeles one afternoon, hiked to waterfalls, spent time on the beach, visited Hurricane Ridge and Dungeness Spit...and so much more. I could probably write a blog post about each day and what we saw along the way. I always love visiting the Pacific Northwest and this was definitely another amazing trip. There's nothing better than the ocean, the mountains, and perfect weather....

Purple Haze Lavender Farm. Lavender ice cream, lotion, spray, just about anything you could
dream of...made of LAVENDER! I would love to work here. 

My favorite running trail....right beside the ocean. It was incredible listening to the waves
and the rustle of the leaves in the trees (along the side not in photo). I wish I could run on this trail every day! 

Running along the trail to Port Angeles....we stopped in town and shared a
Dairy Queen float before running back!

Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park
Located behind the rental we stayed was a beautiful rocky beach and amazing Protection Island. There's a really interesting story behind this island if you'd like to read it. I loved sitting on the porch and listening to the waves. I also loved watching the wildlife. During our visit we saw a killer whale the first day! We also saw bald eagles, seals, and a variety of other birds.

Ocean view of Protection Island one evening...I'm in love. xoxo

Leaving all that beauty behind was hard! I often wonder if people who live in such beautiful places take the nature for granted or if they truly enjoy it each day.

After arriving home, "Project Declutter" began. It's always a long process, but I did clean out and reorganize a closet and several drawers. We even did a little decluttering in the garage. I'm still not done with this project and hope to work on it more next summer as we have a lot of clutter!! 

Everything pulled out of the closet....

Two very cute beagles, but not such good helpers. ha!
We also had an extra job or two that we worked during the summer. Seems like there was something to keep us busy every day! 

It wasn't long before it was time to start back to school. I'm thankful for the time we had to journey to other places and get some much needed maintenance done around the house. I was also thankful for a little extra time with family.

The days since August have flown by quickly and I'm in denial that it is nearly November! A few things to look forward to in the coming months....Tulsa Run, Tulsa Half Marathon, a new book adventure with Keri Smith's The Imaginary World of ___________,(remember Messy Book?) and more of Life Book 2014. I'm looking forward to sharing each of these and more!

Take care and have a great weekend!