Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OKC Memorial Half Marathon Training

It's that time of year once again and training for the OKC Memorial Half Marathon is underway! This weekend finished the first week of official training with some very chilly runs. Although the temps were below 30, the views were incredible. With the recent snowfall the ground was partially covered and much of the pond along the running trail was frozen along the edges. 

Taking a short break to enjoy the beautiful view...

I definitely have sock envy...Roger's socks are really cool!

Last loop around and then we are done...

I enjoyed my weekend runs, even with the temps (and no wind!) It's much better than running in the humid hot weather of the summer. I'll be looking back as these pictures in June dreaming of snow. ;P I may even be looking back at them later this week...temps are rising from the upper 30's to the mid 70's. Crazy!

I'm looking forward to this training season and being ready to run the half in a few months! If you are in the area in April and would like to participate (walk, run, volunteer), visit

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