Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Magnet Board

Since last summer I've had these cute animal magnets and been thinking of a way to use them. My sister's birthday was coming up and I thought making a magnet board would be a great place for her to display photos in her house.

I purchased several materials, including a cookie sheet (you could also use an old one), scrapbook papers, and ribbon. The items I had on hand included Liquitex Matte Gel (you could probably use Mod Pod) and the metal piece that says, "Capture Life's Moments." The perfect phrase for displaying photographs!

My supplies....after I got started, I ended up choosing a zebra print
ribbon instead of the one shown in the photo. 

I started by tearing the strips of scrapbook paper into various sizes and then thought about the placement on the cookie sheet. I rearranged things several times, until I found the arrangement I liked the best. Using my paintbrush, I applied the matte gel to the cookie sheet, laid the paper on top, and carefully smoothed out any wrinkles using an old credit card. I also added a coating of matte gel over the top of the paper.  I really liked how the matte gel retained the brush strokes on the paper surface!

Adding the papers using matte gel for adhesive...

....and finally a coating over papers

I added the black ribbon and embellishment, attached the zebra ribbon and allowed everything to dry overnight.

Added embellishment, "Capture Life's Moments."

I have seen hanging magnet boards, but when I tried tying ribbon through the holes on the ends (not pictured), the board would never hang very well. I happened to have an easel and decided I liked that better.

I love how the finished project turned out! More importantly, my sister loved it too!

Finished magnet board with homemade matching card and Starbucks gift card. 

I had a great time creating this and hope you find it useful!

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