Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

The last several days were filled with family, new recipes....which lead to some great food, art collaborations, and FUN!

When my niece came to our house, she was excited work in my art room. So, I gave her a block of gessoed wood, acrylic paints, stencils, stickers, and collage papers. With a few tips, it wasn't long before her imagination took off and she had a design in place. It was fun to watch her work as her fingers tapped across the wood creating snow-like impressions on the background.

Carly creating a mixed media piece on wood.
While the paint was drying between layers, we took a break to walk the dogs (and burn off a little pumpkin pie!). It was a beautiful day!
                                               Carly and Roger walking the dogs.
Later in the week, I met my parents, sister, and brother-in-law for round 2 of Thanksgiving gatherings. (Poor hubby was sick!) We had an un-traditional meal of Panera Bread and chatted the day away. It was fantastic! I even gave my sister a cool braid! (It reminded me of when we were kids and I often gave her various styles...from braids to side ponytails....ahh, the 80's!)

Today's hairstyle: a "Katniss" braid! I love it!
There was even extra time over the break to work on projects and journal pages! So...I continued my work on the below piece for my sister and also started a new page. 

A work STILL in progress for my sister. 
New work in progress....color to be revealed soon!

I hope each of you also had a wonderful break!

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