Friday, October 11, 2013

Lions, Tigers, and Bears...RUN!

And you better run fast! Last weekend, Roger and I drove to Tulsa to take part in the Tulsa Zoo Run. We chose to do the 10K, which was my first 10K in over a year! It was definitely a challenge. I think my muscles are just now starting to feel a little less sore. 

The weather could not have been more perfect! Storms had rolled through the night before and brought with them clouds and COOL air. The temps that morning were in the 50's! I loved it.  

We left Saturday morning about 6:00ish and made our way to Tulsa. It's about an hour and a half drive from where we live, and race bibs/timing chips/t-shirts had to be picked up by 8:00. With road construction along the way, we made it just in time to get everything and even do a couple miles warm up before the race (which started at 9:00). 

Perfect weather for The Tulsa Zoo Run 

Many people crowded together at the start, but after the first two miles, the crowd spread out. It wasn't long before two women, running at a consistent pace, were passing me. I decided if I sped up, I would have a small group to run alongside for the remainder of the race. We ran together for several miles until the finish line.  Not only was it encouraging, but I enjoyed running with a group. We all finished right around the same time, and even high-fived one another after the finish line.  I was able to finish in just under 48 minutes, which earned me second place in my age group. Roger also ran well and finished second for his age group.

Second place in age groups
Afterwards, we decided to run a few more miles, but ended up missing the post run food (I was STARVING) and almost missed the awards! We did get to walk around for awhile in the zoo, and saw many of the animals that were out and TIGERS!

TIGER!! Good thing I still have on my running shoes. ;P
Upon leaving, we saw the "Poo at the Zoo" t-shirt. We thought it was hilarious, but it was only available in kids' sizing! What grown up wouldn't want to wear a shirt about animal poo?? 

Poo at the Zoo t-shirt....if only I were kid-sized. 
Overall, it was a great day and we had a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this run to others in the area! Besides the 10K, there was a 5K and a 1mile fun run as well. A huge plus is the free entry into the zoo after the run. (The run actually finishes in the zoo! Pretty cool.) Want more info? Check it out HERE.

Next run...two more weeks at the Tulsa Run! It is a 15K, and the best part? The "Trick or Treat" finish line! So basically, you are running towards chocolate. What could be better than that?? (Maybe the hilarious costumes along the way....nah. Chocolate!)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chickpea Burgers, Laundry, and Using a Gelli Plate....

So, while trying to decide what to write about this week, I"m making dinner, chickpea burgers, working on laundry, and hoping my Gelli Plate photos eventually show up on Photo Stream. If only I were a little more tech savvy!

The burgers turned out to be delish. It's one of my favorite recipes and I've made it often. I usually make sweet potato fries (from this cookbook) to go along with it, but was a little on the lazy side this evening. 

Better than a real burger! Seriously.
After dinner, I noticed that the photos finally made it into Photo Stream. YAY!! So, I can now share how much fun it was using this new art tool. But before I do,  if you've never heard of a Gelli Plate, it is used for mono printing. It resembles a pan sized square of clear jello, and I must add that is it extremely cool. Check it out HERE to learn more about what all it can do.

There are so many tutorials, tips and tricks for using the Gelli Plate. However, I just wanted to get started quick, so I visited the Gelli Arts webpage and watched a short tutorial.  My goal was to learn the basics. So, what I am sharing today is just that....the very basics of getting started using a Gelli Plate.

First step....get all my goodies together. 

Golden heavy body paint (or any other acrylic paint), various stamps and stencils, string, brayer

The gelli plate with the first layer of I spread the paint using the brayer, then used stamps
and stencils to create texture within the paint.

My first layer of paint....from Gelli Plate to paper. I covered the plate with a
sheet of watercolor paper then pressed and pulled away to reveal the first layer.

You continue to repeat steps two and three until you have the desired amount of color/design on your pages. I chose to do 3-4 layers, but you can do as many or as few as desired to achieve whatever look you prefer.

A few of the finished papers.....

Future art journal pages....

While I loved this process, I can tell that I really need more practice! There are MANY online tutorials to choose from, plus the Gelli Arts blog and Facebook page are great for suggestions, upcoming workshops, etc.  

If you'd like to have a Gelli Plate, keep your eye open for special deals at Dick Blick art supplies. I was able to purchase mine at a discounted price there.

Happy Creating!!
:) more thing. I wanted to share another one of my favorite journal pages that was recently completed....

Journal page created with Tamara 's lesson in LB 2013.