Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mount Bachelor

Since we went to Mt. Hood, we also wanted to stop at Mt. Bachelor...and this time we would ride the ski lift! It was another beautiful day in Bend when we headed out the door. I couldn't wait to get out and explore the area. First stop...the ski lift!

Roger on the ski lift...check out the scenery!

Isn't this a great view?
Once we made it to the top, we hiked and found many patches of snow! Time to play!

Roger in the snow.

Me...best attempt to create a snow angel without sliding down the side!

You know those pictures of feet on the beach? Well, I took a "feet on the snow" picture here.

Great view!! (The mountains....not my feet...haha!)

We had a great day and I loved seeing snow in July! Actually, now that we've been home a little while, I'm wishing for snow here....or at least some cooler temperatures! 

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