Monday, August 26, 2013

An Afternoon of Art

After one hectic and busy first week of school, I decided to take my own advice and de-stress on Sunday afternoon. My choice for fun/relaxation....ART JOURNALING! I have been behind on my pages for the Lifebook 2013 class, so I decided to start a new page. I actually ended up starting THREE pages! The first page was Tam's most recent lesson, and when I needed to wait for the page to dry, I started another page, and another! I wish I could say I finished all these pages, but a start is good, right?!

The first journal page....about halfway done. 

The next lesson I randomly selected was from Mitsi B. The first step was to take 6 sheets of watercolor paper and tape them together. This is the first time I've done anything this large with a journal page, but it was exciting!

Washi tape on the front of the pages...before I added the collage papers.

The next step involved adding collage papers and using spray paint! Spray paint...that's a new one for me, but I loved it. Due to the stinky smell, I took the large sheet outdoors.  I also decided to take a sample size paint and do some SPLATTERING! I'm sure there's nothing more fun than slinging paint. To add more color, I also brought a couple of Dylusions ink sprays along.

Time to paint!

Many of you may not know this, but I have a very creative dog. He loves art as much as I do, and always loves being part of the process.  So, as soon as he saw me walk out the door with art supplies...he came out too.

Dylan does some doggie yoga in preparation for painting.
Paint flew everywhere, much too quickly for my iPhone camera to capture, but here's the end result... 

Dylan shows off his colorful pages.
That page is still a work in progress, as it was way too hot to do anymore outdoors. We definitely had a fantastic afternoon of art. It was not nearly as long as either of us would have liked, but then again, it never is long enough! Hopefully, WE will have some finished pics up soon!

***The third page is a sketch with masking fluid over it. I didn't take a picture as it is hard to see. I'll post it next time too.

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