Monday, July 29, 2013

Adventures in Oregon

I know I've disappeared for a few weeks, but life has been busy! I have many things to share and am excited about all of them....from DIY home makeover projects (can't wait to share these when I'm done) to amazing adventures in Oregon.

We recently returned from a two week trip to Oregon. After visiting last year there was so much more of the state that we wanted to explore. This time our trip took us to central Oregon. Flying into Portland then heading to Bend for three days was the first leg of our trip. So I will start Bend.  The area is surrounded with many opportunities for adventure.

Day 1:  Mt. Hood. We've seen it from a distance and always wanted to explore the area. (Not to mention that Tall Mom on the Run has blogged several times about day I would love to do Hood to Coast!)

We missed the ski lift (it closed just as we arrived), so we went hiking instead. I love to hike! It's not just about hiking, it's about everything that surrounds the trail....birds, plants, trees, rocks, the amazing cool air...all of it. I'm pretty sure I could just sit outdoors all day and enjoy nature.

Welcome to the Mount Hood Wilderness!

First sighting: A wild animal!  EEEK!

Beautiful white and lilac colored flowers along the hike.
Scenic view with snow!

It was a fun day at Mt. Hood. Beautiful views....excellent trails....and snow! What could be better? I can highly recommend making a stop here if ever in the area.  For other activities at Mt. Hood, check their website.

I'll be back soon with more adventures in Oregon....a dune buggy ride, searching for hobbits, beach runs, and even a ghost sighting at Heceta Lighthouse!

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