Wednesday, June 19, 2013

San Diego Trip and Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Just a few weeks ago, Roger and I traveled to San Diego and finished our first Rock and Roll Half Marathon. We've completed many other half marathons, but not the "Rock and Roll" variety. Not only was it a lot of fun, but there were many, MANY people dressed up along the way. The most popular outfit was Elvis, and we saw an entire group (guys and girls) sporting their attire. Probably the most interesting outfit I saw was while waiting in the corral before the start. A guy, wearing only a loincloth and a crazy wig, stepped into my corral. He received quite a few looks from the crowd, along with some smiles and laughs. A few girls had their picture taken with him...which is now probably their profile picture on Facebook! I'm not sure if he ran the entire race, as he was also barefoot, but I did wonder. Also along the way, there were a couple of guys that were running while dribbling a basketball. One of them set a new world record...Doctor Dribble. He had planned on running the full, but took a wrong turn and ran the half instead. Doctor Dribble finished his half in 1:39:27. Wow!! 

Our pre-run photo...wearing our  "throw away" t-shirts.
The course was new this year and had many downhill glides, which I was incredibly grateful to arrive at, and a few places that were steep uphills. There was decent crowd support along the way and excellent water/gatorade stops every couple miles. It seemed to me that the event was well organized and I thought starting in waves at the beginning helped tremendously with crowd control. The one thing that baffled me was the lack of bands along the course. I've never participated in a rock and roll half or full before, but it seemed like there were few bands on the half course. I only remember seeing four from start to finish. However, at the end of the run they did have an awesome 80's band, The Psychedelic Furs. That was one AWESOME post run concert!! 

Post run concert with Psychedelic Furs....great music!!

We did many other things on our visit to San Diego....

We visited the Safari Park to feed the giraffes, see the baby hippo, and a herd of elephants. 

Saw the cutest baby panda ever at the zoo!
The Dolphin Safari....where we didn't see a single dolphin!! It was one of those rare days, and a major disappointment.

And of course....ran on the beach. Even accidentally ran onto a nude beach. Oops!  

We also did some hiking in Torrey Pines State Park, visited an actual Blick Art Store (yippee!!), and ate  at some really great restaurants. It was a fun trip that was over too quickly. I always miss the beach and the cool air when I get home. 

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