Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blog Challenge

As the school year has ended and summer begins,  I've decided to challenge myself to create a post at least once a week. I've always wanted to write more, but with the intensity of this school year and spring half marathon training, I've had little energy left for much else. I think this is a great time to begin this challenge and am looking forward to blogging every week.

Speaking of blogs, I recently visited Kelly Rae Roberts blog and read about two fun photography apps, Over and PicTapGo. On a whim, I bought both of them! It wasn't a huge splurge as they were a total of $3.00.  Soon after making my purchase I was experimenting with the apps. Below is a brief summary about each app and my results with each one.

Using the app, Over, you can add various types of text to your photos. I always wondered how everyone was getting text over their pictures....now I know! (I'm probably late in learning this information!) With a wide range of fonts and color to choose from it can be a difficult decision. There is also an option to add artwork (like the small bird in the flower picture below).

San Diego Safari Park...the giraffe is very photogenic!

With PicTapGo, you can use many types of photo effects, layer filters, enhance with lens effects, vignettes...and so much more. In the picture below, I added text and artwork using the Over app. Then I opened PicTapGo and used it to enhance the color of the original photo using a filter.

Text and art (little birdie) were added using Over.

The filter "Equalize" was applied using PicTapGo.

I thought both apps were user friendly and had many features.  I'm sure there are a ton of photography apps out there, so if you come across one you love and would like to share it, please do!

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