Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Snakes Can Be Messy Too!

This afternoon, I received an usual text from my husband. It was a somewhat blurry photograph of a snake, yes a SNAKE, wrapped around his neck! I'm not afraid of snakes, so this did not freak me out, but rather made me very curious. I gave him a call and asked what was up with the four foot long reptile around his neck. Turns out that the snake was hanging around the high school where he teaches and was about to meet its end. My husband, a science teacher and nature lover (like me!), decided to rescue it. Since the snake was up around one of the school's gutters, he had to climb up on a ladder and pull it down. (Yippee! My own snake whisper!) Later, as I am talking to my husband on the phone, the snake was wrapping itself around his neck...arms...and the steering wheel of the car! Hmmm, this didn't seem like a good idea to me, but my husband sounded to be having a grand time driving home with his new friend.

Me? I couldn't wait to get home and see it! Just so you know, most snakes in Oklahoma are NOT poisonous or dangerous in any way. It was a King Snake with a beautiful pattern on its back. When it was nervous, the tail rattled, mimicking that of a rattlesnake. It was so mesmerizing to watch! I picked it up from the box where it was hanging out and we took it to the backyard. Now it was my turn to let it wrap around my arms, neck, shoulders...down my top (yikes)...and in my hair, which really tickled. Even the dogs were curious and came over to have a sniff, but not too close!

Now it was time for our new friend to help out with a collaborative effort in the Messy Book. I really wanted to have the snake slither through some paint, but didn't know if this would be harmful, so I chose mud instead.(Yes, I got to make mud and play in it!) Laying the snake on the book, it moved around some, but not much. Personally, I think it was planning an escape route...through the grass...up the tree...

Okay, so the snake did its part in the Messy book, and now it was my turn. I recently purchased some new materials (small brayer and teal ink) and decided to give them a try. Loading the brayer with green paint, I randomly rolled across the pages. Next came some stamping, adding a bit of collage, and dripping and blowing the ink. Messy work completed and ready to reveal!

(As a rookie blogger, I still can't figure out why some of my pictures show up normal, then post sideways.)

This was unexpected today, but SO MUCH FUN! It seems like since joining the Messy Book Group that I am constantly trying to think of something crazy to do with my book. I can't begin to express how much I have loved being part of this amazing group.

Living creatively = :) :) :)

**If you are wondering what happened to this is going to school with my husband tomorrow. He is going to share it with his Science classes. Afterwards, we will take it to a new home at an undisclosed location. ;P


  1. I love this story - Hooray for your husband "The Snake Whisperer"!

    (Good idea to use the mud instead of paint!)

    I think the additions you made to the page are fantastic! (What a unique and fun collaboration!)


    p.s. Your book is getting pretty messy... You might have to leave it out of the kitchen now, too! Hee hee!

  2. Oh this is fabulous! There is no end to the lengths the messy group will go to!! I'm almost scared to log in tomorrow to see what's next!!

  3. again YOU WIN the story behind the mess makes it even better!!!

  4. Cool!!!!Snakes are messy. My son had a Burmese Python you wouldn't believe the messes he made. LOL Love your pages very unique.

  5. What in the world?? What a post for me to come see first thing!! =) Now I'm not really scared of snakes but I'd rather not have it wrapped around my neck. But that is way cool!!!

    Ok so I am book marking your blog so I can stay up to speed with you and connected!!

  6. Thanks everyone for your fun and positive comments!

    Yes, Kristin the book is getting VERY messy! The pages are all messed up and the book doesn't close anymore. I am starting to feel like a real mess maker. I have to thank Lisa for starting this amazing book club, because now I make messes and don't freak out about them!

    Amanda...I am bookmarking you too so we can keep in touch! You will have to let me know when you arrive in Oklahoma!