Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Art

Since collaborating with the snake was so much fun, I decided to try another collaborative project. This past weekend, my family met for lunch at my parents' house. After enjoying our sandwiches, we sat down to visit for awhile in the living room. That's when I pulled out the MESSY BOOK!! I explained to everyone what the book club was about and shared how I wanted them to be involved in a project. Everyone was asked to create their own doodles on a page in the book. (I broke a rule because I used a page that was for something else..hehe!) My mom started first and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Then my dad snatched the book and actually took it away into another room! Next was my sister, and finally my husband. Each one of them created some unique things and all of them had fun doing it!

Next thing I knew, my mom was bringing out some artwork that my grandmother had drawn/painted when she was about fourteen years old. These pictures were amazing! Each picture had a date on the back, most of them from 1925! My grandmother was always drawing or doodling on something.

Besides my grandmother, my mom also enjoyed doing art. She painted some great pictures in the 1970's. The two below are from 1978. She learned how to paint from a neighbor who lived across the street! The two of them are still good friends.

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  1. This is a great post - I love that the whole family got involved... It sounds like lots of fun! (It is also great to see your artistic heritage!)