Sunday, April 29, 2012

OKC Memorial Marathon 2012

After being sick most of the week, and waking up to see 68 degrees and 99 percent humidity, I can honestly say I was not looking forward to running the OKCMM Half this year. I tried to erase any negative thoughts from my head as Roger and I made our way downtown this morning at 5:00 a.m.

After parking, we headed toward our usual pre-run meeting place, and visited with several friends before walking over to the start line. Loads of people flooded the streets, also making their way to the start. It seems like this marathon grows bigger every year!

The 168 seconds of silence is always amazing. With 20,000 people lining the streets, you could literally hear a pin drop during this time. The wheelchair race starts five minutes earlier than everyone else, and this year sweet Gracie was heading out with her Uncle Tim and Jennifer Henry. They did a great job!

At 6:30 the runners are set loose on the streets of downtown OKC. I love the start of any run, there's always so much excitement! I felt happy to be moving, but could tell in the first mile that it was going to be a tough run. I warmed up very quickly, and really didn't feel that great. Roger was such an encouragement to me, and continued to cheer me along the way. Before the 10K, I needed a walk break. I took some GU, hoping this might give me more energy. Unfortunately, it did not. This was the first of MANY walk breaks. We made it down Classen and I actually appreciated the wind! Then towards Homeland, just before entering the neighborhoods, I saw Craig Thompson, who shared some encouraging words. Thanks, Craig!! I kept running. Even though I was struggling, I was not about to quit. Coming towards the finish line, I was feeling happy to have made it all the way.

I appreciate Roger for staying with me all the way and trying everything possible to motivate me. Even though I bumped him out of the way at a water spray stop! Literally...pushing was involved. Poor guy!

Tough day, but overall glad to be finished and SO PROUD of all the runners who made their way to the finish line today. Especially to my friend, Jason Butler, who not only ran an amazing marathon, but also qualified for BOSTON! I'm sharing my favorite photo of him kissing on his wife post marathon.


  1. AWESOME!!! It's all about participating!!!
    cheers, dana

  2. so generous of you to do my share of exercise for me... I am feeling fitter already... great post...xx