Thursday, July 12, 2012

Messy Book on the Beach

Earlier this summer, I visited the beautiful state of Oregon! Messy Book went along for the journey and had quite the experience at Rockaway Beach.

It all started here. I sat down to do some journaling on the beach. It was a beautiful evening!

After journaling, I decided to do some messy artwork. (Notice my friend in the background.)

MB gets buried in the sand. I am having a lot of fun, and notice that I am being watched...

This little guy was quite curious and wondered what I was doing.

I kept working, and built a sand castle over the top of where I buried MB.

I stomped ALL OVER IT!!

Stomping was fun too, but now it was time for something bigger. So I dug up MB.

At this point, my lil friend was getting super curious, and slowly came closer and closer. So I put MB on the sand and observed what happened....

He walked all the way over to the book, decided it wasn't something to eat, and wondered off again! He didn't leave the area though. He hung out with me the entire time I was on the beach!

Check out how close he got to MB, before heading off and away from it.

The final MB adventure....
Hmmm....what do you think happened?

YIKES!!!! Okay, I confess, I orginally was going to rescue MB from the wave. Trying to get the perfect picture, I wasn't fast enough to save MB from a total soaking!! I must say, I DO LOVE this picture!

Drying out a tad before going back inside. It took MB a day to get all the way dry, and now the pages are super crinkly and filled with bits of sand. :)

This messy adventure was the most fun of all!! What could be better than an adventure on the Oregon coast? I loved visiting there and hope to go back some day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Color Run

Last Saturday, several of us headed to Tulsa to participate in The Color Run. Roger and I met up Tracy and road together to Tulsa EARLY that morning. (We got up at 4:00 a.m., which is starting to be the norm for many of our runs this summer. Gotta beat that heat!)

Tracy and I before the color starting flying.

Roger and I pre-run.

The race started at 8:00 a.m., but with a group of over 10,000 participants, getting started was a slow process. Every five minutes, 1,000 runners were set free on the streets of Tulsa, while the rest of us waited...and waited.....and waited....and played!

Color packets being tossed into the waiting crowd....a green packet landed right in Roger's hand! (Since we had a ton of yellow packets and no green ones, we pulled out a yellow to play with in the start area.)

Who says waiting can't be fun?

After about an hour, we got to run...kinda. The streets were very crowded, but we managed a walk/run for the entire route. Of course, walking through the color zones to get optimum color coverage!

Here's a few pics of what it looked like along the way....
Roger's shirt looking pretty cool.

This volunteer was "baptizing" people with blue! I needed a little extra color for my hair. 

Looking good in blue!

In the yellow zone...

What? I have no color on my back? Let me fix that!

Roger is having a blast and is looking awesome in his colorful shirt. 

Heading for the finish line!

We saved our color packets for here's a few pics of the after run celebrations....

Tracy and I decided that Roger needed a little MORE color. 

He looks much better now, right?

One last color fling...

The best color job I've had this year! Too bad it didn't last. :(

Hanging out and chatting post run.

Overall, The Color Run was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Helvetia Half Marathon

These last several weeks have flown ended and a week later we headed off to Oregon! It has been a busy and fun time, and I am just now getting around to writing a post. So much has happened, I'm not even sure where to start!

So, I will begin with one of the reasons we visited run the Helvetia Half Marathon in Hillsboro. I was really looking forward to running in the cool air, and was not disappointed. On the morning of the half marathon it was mid 50's and overcast, which as many of you know is my FAVORITE type of weather. Roger and I arrived early, and had plenty of time for a mile or so warm up. Before heading to the start line, I peeled off my arm warmers...can't believe I actually thought I might need them! Runners for the half and the 10K (the only other event), lined up together for a nice opening ceremony that included a helicopter fly over and pics. The gun fired and runners were on their way! I felt so happy during the first mile or two, and even at one point wanted to yell, "I'm running in Oregon!!!" That seems silly I know, but I've always wanted to visit there and I was finally doing it. :)

The course was amazingly beautiful! Most of it ran through country side, and greenery surrounded us at every turn. However, it was crazy hilly. Yes, I trained for hills, but not quite that many miles of them. There was a section of about a half mile of running on gravel. Tricky to run on, but not too bad. The run ended at the Hillsboro Stadium, which was pretty cool.

Roger's finishing time- 1:30
My finishing time- 1:47

Post run treats included your choice of a hamburger or veggie burger. My pick...veggie burger. YUM! It was such a beautiful day that we lazed around on the stadium grass for quite awhile after eating.

I would definitley do this half marathon again. Next time though, I would train for more hills!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Art

Since collaborating with the snake was so much fun, I decided to try another collaborative project. This past weekend, my family met for lunch at my parents' house. After enjoying our sandwiches, we sat down to visit for awhile in the living room. That's when I pulled out the MESSY BOOK!! I explained to everyone what the book club was about and shared how I wanted them to be involved in a project. Everyone was asked to create their own doodles on a page in the book. (I broke a rule because I used a page that was for something else..hehe!) My mom started first and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Then my dad snatched the book and actually took it away into another room! Next was my sister, and finally my husband. Each one of them created some unique things and all of them had fun doing it!

Next thing I knew, my mom was bringing out some artwork that my grandmother had drawn/painted when she was about fourteen years old. These pictures were amazing! Each picture had a date on the back, most of them from 1925! My grandmother was always drawing or doodling on something.

Besides my grandmother, my mom also enjoyed doing art. She painted some great pictures in the 1970's. The two below are from 1978. She learned how to paint from a neighbor who lived across the street! The two of them are still good friends.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Snakes Can Be Messy Too!

This afternoon, I received an usual text from my husband. It was a somewhat blurry photograph of a snake, yes a SNAKE, wrapped around his neck! I'm not afraid of snakes, so this did not freak me out, but rather made me very curious. I gave him a call and asked what was up with the four foot long reptile around his neck. Turns out that the snake was hanging around the high school where he teaches and was about to meet its end. My husband, a science teacher and nature lover (like me!), decided to rescue it. Since the snake was up around one of the school's gutters, he had to climb up on a ladder and pull it down. (Yippee! My own snake whisper!) Later, as I am talking to my husband on the phone, the snake was wrapping itself around his neck...arms...and the steering wheel of the car! Hmmm, this didn't seem like a good idea to me, but my husband sounded to be having a grand time driving home with his new friend.

Me? I couldn't wait to get home and see it! Just so you know, most snakes in Oklahoma are NOT poisonous or dangerous in any way. It was a King Snake with a beautiful pattern on its back. When it was nervous, the tail rattled, mimicking that of a rattlesnake. It was so mesmerizing to watch! I picked it up from the box where it was hanging out and we took it to the backyard. Now it was my turn to let it wrap around my arms, neck, shoulders...down my top (yikes)...and in my hair, which really tickled. Even the dogs were curious and came over to have a sniff, but not too close!

Now it was time for our new friend to help out with a collaborative effort in the Messy Book. I really wanted to have the snake slither through some paint, but didn't know if this would be harmful, so I chose mud instead.(Yes, I got to make mud and play in it!) Laying the snake on the book, it moved around some, but not much. Personally, I think it was planning an escape route...through the grass...up the tree...

Okay, so the snake did its part in the Messy book, and now it was my turn. I recently purchased some new materials (small brayer and teal ink) and decided to give them a try. Loading the brayer with green paint, I randomly rolled across the pages. Next came some stamping, adding a bit of collage, and dripping and blowing the ink. Messy work completed and ready to reveal!

(As a rookie blogger, I still can't figure out why some of my pictures show up normal, then post sideways.)

This was unexpected today, but SO MUCH FUN! It seems like since joining the Messy Book Group that I am constantly trying to think of something crazy to do with my book. I can't begin to express how much I have loved being part of this amazing group.

Living creatively = :) :) :)

**If you are wondering what happened to this is going to school with my husband tomorrow. He is going to share it with his Science classes. Afterwards, we will take it to a new home at an undisclosed location. ;P

Sunday, April 29, 2012

OKC Memorial Marathon 2012

After being sick most of the week, and waking up to see 68 degrees and 99 percent humidity, I can honestly say I was not looking forward to running the OKCMM Half this year. I tried to erase any negative thoughts from my head as Roger and I made our way downtown this morning at 5:00 a.m.

After parking, we headed toward our usual pre-run meeting place, and visited with several friends before walking over to the start line. Loads of people flooded the streets, also making their way to the start. It seems like this marathon grows bigger every year!

The 168 seconds of silence is always amazing. With 20,000 people lining the streets, you could literally hear a pin drop during this time. The wheelchair race starts five minutes earlier than everyone else, and this year sweet Gracie was heading out with her Uncle Tim and Jennifer Henry. They did a great job!

At 6:30 the runners are set loose on the streets of downtown OKC. I love the start of any run, there's always so much excitement! I felt happy to be moving, but could tell in the first mile that it was going to be a tough run. I warmed up very quickly, and really didn't feel that great. Roger was such an encouragement to me, and continued to cheer me along the way. Before the 10K, I needed a walk break. I took some GU, hoping this might give me more energy. Unfortunately, it did not. This was the first of MANY walk breaks. We made it down Classen and I actually appreciated the wind! Then towards Homeland, just before entering the neighborhoods, I saw Craig Thompson, who shared some encouraging words. Thanks, Craig!! I kept running. Even though I was struggling, I was not about to quit. Coming towards the finish line, I was feeling happy to have made it all the way.

I appreciate Roger for staying with me all the way and trying everything possible to motivate me. Even though I bumped him out of the way at a water spray stop! Literally...pushing was involved. Poor guy!

Tough day, but overall glad to be finished and SO PROUD of all the runners who made their way to the finish line today. Especially to my friend, Jason Butler, who not only ran an amazing marathon, but also qualified for BOSTON! I'm sharing my favorite photo of him kissing on his wife post marathon.

Paint Splatter

Who knew splattering paint could be so much fun? The project that I started for my next MESS was to drop some type of liquid from at least five feet on the pages of my book. I was still having a little bit of a problem with mess making in the book...after all, I am a Media Specialist (a.k.a. Librarian) and messing with books is just wrong, isn't it?

Still, I knew I needed to break the rules and get the mess underway. (Plus, if Lisa can grow seeds in her book, I can splatter paint, right?) So I laid out a brown paper bag to cover the kitchen floor and then tried dropping my first liquid onto the pages...pomegranate juice. Hmmm, interesting, but not colorful enough for me. I went in search of something more lively and found some acrylic paints. Squirting them onto the pages created some nice blobs, but it was rather thick and didn't really splatter well.

Since the paint was "blobbish" I decided to smear some of it around with a paper clip. Then I left it to dry. I didn't come back to the book for several days. When I looked at it again, I wanted it to have more of a splattered appearance and more color, so I started on round two. I thinned some additional acrylic paints, yellow and green, and took the book outside! This time I decided to be messier. I laid the book on the grass, up next to a tree, dipped my sponge brush into the paint and slung it at the book. THIS WAS FUN! My dog thought I was nuts, and even came over to investigate, but realizing I was not slinging food he quickly continued on his sniffing journey.

I liked how the final version turned out and thought this was a really fun and easy technique to use. I am already looking forward to trying out something else!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Remember the Ten

This beautiful sunrise greeted us on our drive to Stillwater, OK this morning. Roger, Jason, and I headed out from the Wal-Mart parking lot at 6:40 a.m. and made our way to Orange Country. It didn't take us long, maybe an hour or so, before we arrived at Boone Pickens Stadium. I snapped a picture of the stadium, and noticed afterwards that David Ball was in it!

We registered for the 5K, visited with friends for awhile, then started our warm up jog. The weather was amazing early on, but became warmer as the sun came up. It wasn't long before I peeled off my arm warmers and gloves! After our warm-up, we headed to the start line, where I got to see Pistol Pete for the first time (in the "flesh").

Pistol Pete shot his gun and the race was ON! Straight ahead...then turn, slow down, bottle neck, and finally a space to move on ahead. 1K...2K...hilly, but I'm feeling good. Around the 3K, I started feeling tired (more hills) and HOT. Roger noticed and poured a cup of water down my back. Thanks, Rog! When I got to the 4K, I reminded myself that I was only 1K away from finishing this run. Since we had jogged this section during our warm-up, I knew we were close. I kept putting one foot in front of the other until...THE FINISH LINE!! My finishing time was 22:08. It wasn't a PR, but I was happy with it, and received first place in my age group. Roger was second in his age group (he mostly ran with me...even though he managed to swish past me near finish line). Jason's new 5K PR was 16:55 and David's new 10K PR was 39:14.Congrats, guys!

Race PROs: great cause, enthusiastic atmosphere, cool awards for age group winners and medals for all finishers
Race CONs: hilly course, narrow lane=bottleneck around first turn

Overall a great event that I would definitely do again!

After the race, we walked over to Eskimo Joe's for lunch. Since there was a TWO-hour wait, we left, walked across the street, and ate a grilled chicken breast sandwich outdoors. This actually turned out to be awesome. On the way home, we even stopped at Braum's for some ice cream. Rocky Road. Delish.

Which, of course, means that I'll be running a few extra miles tomorrow. ;P

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hand + Print + Doodles

Okay, so my first project is completed. The fun and messy part...pouring paint in my hand. I was like a kid...I told my husband, "Hey watch this!" Then I poured a glob of paint into my left hand and smeared it around with a sponge. FUN, FUN, FUN! I made the print on paper, allowed it to dry, then grabbed my pen to create some doodles. After doodling, I used my new pan pastels (which I LOVE!)and created a light blue background.
I am looking forward to getting started on my next mess making project!